Prospective students, please note:

  • I do not supervise graduate students and am not involved in CMS graduate admissions in any way.

  • I am unable to take on high school research students.

Caltech undergraduates interested in working with me in summer 2022 through SURF should email me in late 2021 to discuss possible projects. Before contacting me, please read about my research interests here. A good email introduction will (i) introduce yourself with your year and (intended) major, (ii) summarize your math and coding background, and (iii) say in 2-3 sentences what interests you about my research and how it aligns with your own interests and goals.

Previous students

I have mentored undergraduate research students at MIT through the UROP program, at UT Austin through the Moncrief internship program, and at Caltech through the SURF and FSRI programs. Project titles:

    1. Data-driven model reduction

    2. Tensor modal analysis of fluid flows (co-mentored project with Beverley McKeon)

    3. Semi-supervised learning algorithms on graphs (co-mentored project with Bamdad Hosseini)

    4. New multifidelity covariance estimators

    5. Convergence of reduced models for Euler equations in specific volume and conservative variable formulations

    6. Simulating hydrogen combustion with a 2D convection-diffusion-reaction model

Other research mentoring

  • In Summer 2021, I co-organized a weekly tutorial/mentoring lunch series for summer research students in CMX. Topics included communication skills, ethics in computational research, Git and Linux basics, and panels on graduate school and industry.

  • I organize group meetings for students and postdocs in Andrew Stuart's research group. In addition to technical and research presentations, I also schedule group discussions on topics like academic websites, applying to faculty jobs, and DEI in higher education.