News Archive


November 2021: Our manuscript, Model reduction for linear dynamical systems via balancing for Bayesian inference, is on arXiv. This work is a collaboration that grew out of the ICERM Semester Program on Model and Dimension Reduction.

October 2021: Attended the NextProf Nexus workshop at the University of Michigan Oct 4-7.

I presented our work on Balanced truncation for Bayesian inference at the UC San Diego Center for Control Systems and Dynamics Seminar on Oct 1.

September 2021: I presented our new function-space formulation of Operator Inference and Lift & Learn for learning reduced models for nonlinear PDEs at the hybrid MMLDT-CSET 2021 conference Sept 26-29.

July 2021: I gave a talk at SIAM AN on July 22 on Model reduction of linear dynamical systems via balancing for Bayesian inference.

April 2021: Invited to give a SCAN Seminar at Cornell on April 19.

March 2021: At SIAM CSE 21, I co-organized a mini-symposium on "Dimension reduction for Bayesian inverse problems" and also presented my thesis work. Recordings of all talks will be available to conference registrants until June 4 via the conference platform.

February 2021: New pre-print on "Reduced operator inference for nonlinear partial differential equations" with Ionut-Gabriel Farcas and Karen Willcox is up on arXiv. This work presents a new formulation for learning from data the operators of a reduced model that maps between Hilbert spaces, yielding speed-ups of 5-6 orders of magnitude for a 3D combustion simulation.

January 2021: Excited to be joining the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Steering Committee in my new department.

1/1/21 - Happy New Year! January 1st is my start date for my new gig as von Karman Postdoctoral Instructor at Caltech. After nearly a decade at MIT, I'm looking forward to new opportunities and new challenges.


December 2020: Very happy to have successfully defended my PhD thesis on December 7.

October 2020: I am co-organizing with Andrew Stuart a virtual mini-symposium on "Dimension reduction for Bayesian inverse problems" at SIAM CSE 21 in March. Looking forward to it.

August 2020: I attended the virtual workshop on Numerical Analysis for Data Science at SAMSI from August 26-27.

MIT held a Day of Dialogue on racism for August 5. Benjamin Zhang and I co-led a discussion session titled "Asian in America: Reflections on past and present".

July 2020: Awarded a 2020 SIAM Student Paper Prize for my work on multifidelity estimation of global sensitivity indices (read more at the SIAM News Blog). I also gave a presentation in the 1st Workshop on Scientific-Driven Deep Learning on July 1 (video available at the link).

June 2020: I gave a LANS Seminar on June 3 at Argonne National Lab.

May 2020: I attended in the Erwin Schrödinger Institute's virtual workshop on "Multilevel and multifidelity sampling methods in UQ for PDEs" May 4-5.

April 2020: I attended ICERM's virtual workshop on Computational Statistics and Data-Driven Models (April 20-24).

March 2020: I attended ICERM's virtual workshop on Algorithms for Dimension and Complexity Reduction (March 23-27).

February 2020: Our paper, "Lift & Learn: Physics-informed machine learning for large-scale nonlinear dynamical systems," has been accepted for publication the Physica D Special Issue on Machine Learning and Dynamical Systems. This is joint work with Boris Kramer, Benjamin Peherstorfer, and Karen Willcox, and can be downloaded from arXiv here.

Spring 2020: I spent the spring semester visiting ICERM for the semester program on "Model and dimension reduction in uncertain and dynamic systems".


October 2019: Invited to present in the Boeing Applied Math Seminar on October 30.

September 2019: Invited to present in UMass Amhert's Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar series on September 23.

July 2019: I attended the Women in Data Science & Mathematics workshop at ICERM July 29 - August 2.

June 2019: I attended the AIAA Aviation Forum in Dallas, TX and presented our paper, "Transform & Learn: A data-driven approach to model reduction." The paper can be downloaded here and code can be downloaded from GitHub.

May 2019: I attended the Women in Aerospace Symposium hosted at MIT May 28-29. I also visited and presented my research at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg and the Technical University of Munich the week of May 20th as a joint winner of the BGCE Student Paper Prize.

April 2019: I successfully defended my thesis proposal on April 8! I also participated in the Rising Stars in Computational and Data Sciences workshop on April 9-10 at UT Austin.

March 2019: I presented a poster as part of the MIT Center for Computational Engineering Symposium on Monday, March 18. I also gave an MIT SIAM Student Chapter Seminar on Thursday, March 14.

February 2019: I attended the SIAM CSE conference in Spokane, WA at the end of February and presented my doctoral thesis work on learning polynomial models for nonlinear PDEs in MS 301 on Model Reduction and Reduced-order Modeling of Dynamical Systems as well as in the BGCE Student Paper Prize finalist talks. I was joint winner of the BGCE Student Paper Prize competition, along with Zakia Zainib (SISSA).

January 2019: I attended the ICERM Workshop on Scientific Machine Learning at the end of January and presented a poster on my doctoral thesis work in learning polynomial models for nonlinear PDEs.